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*Lopez and Novak curated this series of over a dozen posts by researchers and advocates. The full listing can be seen here:

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Keynote Speaker for the Welcoming Michigan Statewide Convening and MCIRR Summit: La Lucha Sigue


Keynote Speaker for ALMA (Assisting Latinos to Maximize Achievement)

Keynote Speaker for School of Public Health Graduation: The Inherent Tension of Public Health; Profile; Video (5:25)



NCID Scholar Story: William Lopez

Michigan Radio: Sheriff, researcher explain impact of immigration raids on communities and law enforcement

Capital City Recap with Michael Cohen: Friday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Sixpack: ICE raids across SE Michigan

Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Sciences: Connecting Immigration Raids to Community Health

Representative Research in the News


Stateside on Michigan Radio: For Michigan “DREAMers,” uncertainty over their status is taking a toll

Michigan News: Separation of immigrant families: U-M experts can comment


Detroit Free Press: Immigrant dad in Detroit fears being split from his family

Univision Noticias: Estudio: el estrés de las redadas provoca que los bebés de madres inmigrantes nazcan más pequeños

Michigan Daily: University reacts to DACA recision

Nature: Immigration crackdowns damage health — even for unborn children

Detroit Free Press: ICE raids in Ypsilanti, Detroit cause anxiety among some immigrants

MLive: What expanded deportation efforts could mean for Washtenaw County

Mlive: Michigan ACLU files FOIA: ‘ICE has acted like cowboys’


University of Michigan News: Immigration raids affect community health, study says

MLive: First county issued ID card in Midwest proving popular with immigrants

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Researchers and advocates simply could not do the work we do without the support of community members and community organizations with whom we collaborate. I have been fortunate to collaborate with the following organizations:  

The Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights (WICIR)

The Washtenaw ID Project

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